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Becoming Your Own Boss!

Scroll down for what your readiness score means.

If you scored:

21-30: Take the leap! What are you waiting for?


You are definitely a solopreneur at heart. You've thought it through and pursuing your professional freedom and creativity is not just a whim but a life's purpose. The uncertain economic climate may seem daunting but you prefer to control your own fate. Creating new work prospects for yourself beats waiting around to get laid off. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain if you choose your timing well. What you want is to be sure-footed when launching your solo consulting practice. This means showing up as a business leader from day one!


For your leap of faith:

11-20: You can definitely do it! With the right help and prep.


You have entrepreneurial instincts and what it takes to build your own solopreneur consulting business. However you are torn. You know this could be the right thing for you but taking the leap seems scary, maybe even careless, in a time of high market uncertainty. Then again, your conventional path is no guarantee of better things to come either. You could still get fired down the road, and find yourself job-hunting in a shrinking market. Taking back control of your professional life proactively may seem counter-intuitive at first but more fulfilling in the long run. 


If this is you:

  • Work with someone who's been there and done it to strategize and boost your chances of success. Book a FREE consultation & coaching with me.

  • Learn from my 8 Pillars when I made the leap almost a decade ago.

  • Take advantage of my introductory brainlab, designed to help you professionalize from day one without missing a step. Tailored to your context, idea and goal, we'll hammer out an actionable strategy based on proven and practical insights.

0-10: Solopreneurship is not for everyone! Or, maybe it can be ...

You're not sure it's the best timing. You have responsibilities. You struggle with what you believe to be life's constraints. Regardless, you still think being your own boss is your career destiny, and you want to explore and validate your ideas or intent. Or maybe, you just want to be free of boring and meaningless work. Anything is possible! Learning to build resilience, courage and perseverance in seeking new purpose is no easy feat, but where there's a will, there's a way, if you have the right support!


If you believe this:

  • work with me to explore your best options in a FREE consultation. As Ellagora's managing principal and 8-year solopreneur management consultant, I'll help you design a personalized journey of actionable steps and milestones to reach whatever career goal you desire - own boss or not.

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