Is Your Team Stressing or Thriving?

for Teams of
50 or less! 

The COVID pandemic is amplifying stress levels and driving down mental wellbeing. Where teams are concerned, day-to-day performance suffers as operational or business risks increase.  

As a leader, you've reached out and checked in. Sanitation measures were taken. Still, you sense the untold truths and want to give voice to the silent "stressors". You know that unchecked, they will spread and tip into unproductive organization-wide angst. But everyone's swamped, including HR!

No worries. This program was designed for you to practically turn things around!

Revive to Thrive

a ready-to-run organizational/team wellbeing program!


For a steal of EUR 990 (est. USD 1190)

Give voice to your team's wellbeing and start renewing confidence!


Effective Ready-to-Go Survey for Truthful  Reality Check

5-min Survey

Up to 300* people

Take on any device

Designed to ensure:

a) candid, anonymous insights;

b) participation across hierarchy & roles;

c) valuable 10,000 ft. perspective for a starting point to know who/what needs attention.

* You have more than 300 people? No problem! It's easily adapted to scale. Find out how.


2-3 weeks

Impartial Turnkey


Exec email template


Visual findings debrief

We'll handle it so you can:


a) focus on what's important; 


b) instill confidence for honest feedback without fear of reprimand because you care.


TWO (2)

Decisive Leadership 


Up to 10 team leaders 

Priority workshop

Solution coaching

Unbiased strength-based approach and innovative ideas for good business and organization;

Revive the best in your organization and build a systemic thrive-centric workplace that is sustainably human!


20% off Ellagora's

Re-Innovate Thrive (ReIT) Program

Transition Management design & facilitation;

Appreciative Inquiry framework;

 Innovation mindset coaching & mentoring;

Behavior adaptation;

Progress monitoring.

 Pilot & scale with a program tailored to sustain organization & team wellbeing;


Be the change leader for a thriving culture!