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Embolden self-change & leadership innovation.
Grow team performance across time, space & digitalization.
Scale international B2B marketing & organizational capacity.

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For You



Seeking vision & purpose

New C-Suite Leader Strategies

Career Re-invention & Transition

Consulting Solopreneurship

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B2B Founder

Scaling performance & growth

International Market Expansion

Digital-First Marketing Culture

Lean & Agile Leadership

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Driving collaboration & engagement

Digital Transition Leadership

"Cross-Silo" Re-Engagement

DISCeRN* Workplace Culture


and more ...

* Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability Co-engagement to Reshape a Neo-workplace.


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Why Me
Eileen Lee Lavergne

Managing Principal

Ask me how I help ambitious executives and global future leaders spring into renewed purpose and growth, emphasizing individual and organization wellbeing for sustainable performance.


The Ellagora™ CADENCE underlines my approach & method for positive self-generating change 

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Strategy Consultant  

Health Insurance

Eileen has multiple and really valuable qualities as a coach. On top of her experience in business that eases our conversations, she is an active listener, catches the context and issues quickly, and always provides on-point advice...

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NWLC: Our Green Dream for Prosperity
NWLC: Our Green Dream for Prosperity
03 déc. 2021, 13:30 – 15:00 UTC+1
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Join us to Re-Green Our World!
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